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Emeka Esogbue
Associate Editor, Anioma Essence Magazine and National Coordinator, Ndi Anioma of Nigeria

On the Occasion of National Association of Ibusa Students (NAIBS) 1-Day Programme Held in Ibusa, Delta State on Saturday, July 6, 2013

The Ibusa Scholars: Legacies and Efforts towards the Ibusa Development
Emeka Esogbue
I consider my selection by the members of this Association to bare my mind on the issues touching our great community a rare privilege. It is my honour, therefore to stand here before you to deliver this lecture. Distinguished … Read More

The Ibusa People

Ibusa people predominantly speak Enuani dialect but English as the nation’s national language is also widely spoken in the town. This town is amazingly notable for the various houses that congest it and the number of professors it has produced. The name “Ibusa” is indigenously pronounced as “Igbo-Uzo”, which is an Anglicization of the British due to their inability to pronounce the name natively, though a few may argue that “Ibuzo” and not “Igbuzo” was the actual Anglicization of the British. By implication, the argument of this school of thought is that the original name of the town is “Ibuzo”, … Read More

Historical Research On Past Senior Diokpas of Igbuzo-Part Five

Welcome again my people after a fairly long time. Reactions upon reactions are accompanying our journey to correctly document our past traditional rulers which we know is a quite a prodigious task indeed. Again, the dynamic Nkwuka Peter Udeze and Brother Ifeanyichukwu Onianwa, in the spirit of Igbuzo patriotism have now seemingly become regular contributors and they have the gratefulness of the Igbuzo people who crave for the documentation of their past.
The dynamic Nkwuka Peter Udeze contemplatively thought through “Diokpa Eshi Ni Nweho Odu” of Umuodafe as one of Igbuzo’s past Senior Diokpas and Ihu Ani Ibusa (facebook page) … Read More

Historical Research On Past Senior Diokpas of Igbuzo-Part Two

Making a compendium of the past Senior Diokpas of Ibusa is a laudable task which will make the history of our great community complete. When we make a list of them then with time chronological arrangement and finally their villages within Ibusa will follow. Information regarding the kings of great towns like Agbor, Owa, Umunede, Asaba, Issele-Uku are readily available to researchers but that of Ib…usa is no where documented. You can be of help to me in this great task. So far, I have received a sound response from BRO IFEANYICHUKWU ONIANWA who has listed Obi Onyemem, Obi Ngbodo, … Read More

Historical Research On Past Senior Diokpas of Igbuzo- Part One

Away, from local politics. I am carrying out a helpful research that will lead to the compendium of at least known Diokpas that have ever ruled Ibusa in chronological order up to 2012. This is for reference purposes. If your grand-father, great-father, father, uncle or relation has ever headed Ibusa as the Senior Diokpa, pls simply leave his name and surname here and possibly the period of his rei…gn (If known). Let us make it a plus for our history by seriously engaging in this. If we achieve this then we will have firstly determined the near age of Ibusa, … Read More

Historical Research On Past Senior Diokpas of Igbuzo- Part Four

My Igbuzo brothers and sisters I greet you. I am here again with my worries over Igbuzo history. Worries today but historical legacy today that our children yet unborn will rely on and use to challenge outsiders who may want to deform what was true yesterday.
With your collective and equitable responses, objective responses from well-meaning Igbuzo sons and daughters who are interested in the documentation of the community’s past, we have progressed enormously and have landed a few more Senior Igbuzo Diokpa names of the Blessed memory. As usual, I remain obliged to these notable individuals who are taking … Read More

Historical Research On Past Senior Diokpas of Igbuzo By Emeka Esogbue

People of Ibusa, much have happened again. It would appear that we are reaching our culmination. Still, we received few inputs to add to what we already have. Our illustrious son, Bro Jude Onochie expressed inaptness over the Obi Okonkwo Ajufo’s inclusion as one of Igbuzo’s Senior Diokpas. He as a result drew our attention to it and without more ado got on his cousin (another of Igbuzo’s well-known son), Bro Austin Ajufo to do explication on the subject. This paid off as Bro Ajufo plausibly explained that DIOKPA OKOCHA NDEGE and not Obi Okonkwo was in point of fact … Read More

The Iwu Festival of Ibusa and Ubulu-Uku People

The Iwu Festival is one of the numerous annual festivals celebrated by Ibusa, Ubulu-Uku and Ogwashi-Uku people but it will be discussed here as celebrated by Ibusa and Ubulu-Uku communities. Iwu is a festival commonly celebrated within Anioma region. In Ibusa, the festival is celebrated by only two Ogbes (Quarters) namely Ogbeowele and Umuodafe.
Tradition traces the origin of Iwu as celebrated in Ibusa to certain Ibusa warriors who went to Ani-Nmor (Land of the spirits) and returned with the idea of the festival. This explains the dance step of the main characters during the celebration of the festival.
However, … Read More

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