List of Nigeria’s Most Popular Musicians Ever

FELA ANIKULAKPO-KUTI is still one of Nigeria’s most popular household names. The name can be more commonly heard, danced to, remarked about, liked, hated and celebrated. At its glory, it was a name that competed with Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe and Chief Obafemi Awolowo. Even the Queen of England, HRM, Queen Elizabeth II is aware of the name. From the rich to the poor, among policemen, soldiers, courtroom officials and prison wardens Fela is well known. Everybody can record and beautifully account on Fela’s history. He is obviously the nation’s most popular musician till date.

The name “KING SUNNY ADE” closely follows Fela Anikulakpo-Kuti. It is simply amazing just how the juju musician was able to make himself a national figure beating all odds in spite of his local music brand. His dance steps are simply amazing.

FEMI ANIKULAKPO is like a replacement of his father. The Afro beat musician is popular in Nigeria and abroad. Whether the source of his strength is his father’s influence or not, what matters is that he has earned the feat of Nigeria most popular musician outside the country. Like his brand of music or leave it, he is certainly it.

His face is rarely seen in public but the glimpse of LAGBAJA is surely what makes the difference. LAGBAJA is one of Nigeria’s most popular musicians alive today. Although it is argued that tickets of his concerts are too expensive for the ordinary to purchase, LAGBAJA’s popularity cannot be wished away.

Oliver De Coque (now Late) was so popular with his FUNNY, FUNNY IDENTITY tune that IBIRI KA NBIRI only required very little efforts to further cement his popularity. It may be argued that the Yoruba and other ethnic groups hardly danced to his rhythm but surely he had a place in everyone’s heart till death. His unique beard became renamed “Oliver De Coque” because of his popularity.

Whether your argument is that OSITA OSADEBE should come before Oliver De Coque or vise versa, it does not matter, what is substantial is that both were two of Nigeria’s most popular musicians. Osadebe grew so popular that to the Yoruba, his music was an anthem for the Igbo people.

MAJEK FASHEK. It is a name Nigerians have refused to forget especially when it is raining. Even now the question on everyone’s lips is where is MAJEK? Concerted efforts to revive his musical career by individuals, corporate entities have failed to see the light of the day. Strangely, his tunes have declined but the name is still very much in existence.

Too the teeming millions of Nigerians, ONYEKA ONWENU is still a musician. The ONE LOVE tune she sang many years ago continues to give the impression that her musical career is still running. Not even her roles in Nollywood could erase this impression.

TUFACE is today like a representative of the younger generation so that he has become the most popular artists among the youths in Nigeria and Africa. If only one is required from the list of today’s most popular musician, that name is unquestionably TUFACE IDIBIA.

Much hard as KRIS OKOTIE has tried to consign the memories of his musicianship to oblivion, the Nigerian public has stuck musicianship to his personality more than the pastoral calling the Youngman has since discovered. The implication is that the name “KRIS OKOTIE” conjures up musicianship than “A man of God”. Recently gain, radio DJs have begun playing his tunes of the old reliving the memories of the past and Stand-Up comedians are now advertising his musical styles and ability because his name as a musician has refused to die.

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